Social Responsibility

What is our corporate social responsibility?

As a leader in healthy, organic food production in the USA, our mission has always been to develop wholesome products that are good for both people and the planet. 

It is our great joy to partner with cacao and other superfood suppliers working hard to improve all nutritional aspects, social value, and long-term production systems within and outside their native communities. As a company, we feel it's our responsibility to support and contribute to the success of the organic health and wellness industry, as well as environmental and fair trade practices that give back to the environments that most need it.

Economic impacts

Windy City Organics works directly with organic and fairly traded cacao suppliers within native communities in Peru, working to provide consumers with densely nutritious products that are essential to the everyday environment, the economy and the social life of native Peruvian communities. By choosing Windy City Organics chocolate and superfoods, you, in turn, support unique and effective opportunities for Peruvians in remote jungle communities seeking sustainable production partnerships, and a healthier lifestyle through business operations.

Our cacao supplier works directly with programs such as 'The Chamber of Commerce of Native Communities' in Peru to help add more integral aspects to the production of health and wellness systems. Sustainability requires dedication not only to our product but also to everyone involved in its making - from the people and their surrounding communities to our planet as a whole.

With our support, communities in Peru that previously received monthly income from oil, gas and mining exploration companies, are able to establish and create new forms of sustainable and environmentally compatible businesses that help deliver with the wishes, hopes, and dreams of the people who live in these remote communities of the Peruvian jungle, especially in the Amazon.

Many times, we find native Peruvian areas where there is no money (income). These areas have been negatively impacted by oil, gas, and mining exploration, where destroyed streams and rivers are often damaged with chemicals that are used to separate the "mineral" from the rocks. 

Our supplier works to provide money and production opportunities to destroyed environments and communities, and the rare and precious ecosystem of which they are a part of.

Environmental impacts

Our partners use sustainable harvesting and planting to ensure that their crops do not cause any environmental damage. They are also now working to establish a program to help communities obtain organic certification by providing them with an Agronomist Engineer to help increase yields and quality of crops. Together with the "Native Communities Chamber of Commerce" in Peru, they are helping work towards a more sustainable community environment in regard to the social and economic health benefits that they provide. 

Social impacts

Through our socially responsible sourcing approach, we are helping to provide communities in need with organic nutritional, educational, and environmental support. Our cacao supply chain comes directly from small native and peasant communities within Peru.

The goal is to achieve social benefits within these communities, helping crop yields, education, and health, as well as technical support on how to run and develop a small business that works. All of this helps build a more direct link between the farmer and the superfood consumer. This is done in a number of ways, one of the most important is a clear and honest message on all of our packaging. The public can trust Windy City Organics certifications and all statements or stories on our packaging.

Social responsibility and objectives - Support small farmers and native communities in Peru in the production of organic resources, the construction of a healthier lifestyle, and the formation of a more positive economic, environmental and social way of life.

Communities in Society - Help to improve all aspects of health for communities in Peru. Helping to facilitate positive relationships that result in economic, environmental, and social changes.

Helping our Environment - Helping to develop and maintain organic resources in remote jungle communities, in order to establish a healthier and more complete lifestyle. Working together with farmers and native jungle communities to extract organically certified products to the benefit of both our customers and their communities.

Support systems of our company

Windy City Organics supports specific corporate and social responsibilities that highly value health and wellness systems in our practices. We work closely with our supplier and native communities in the jungle to:

  • Improve health, wellness, nutrition, and bodily function for everyone.
  • Improve development strategies and production systems for all.
  • Create a positive and sustained environment through production in remote communities of the Peruvian jungle.
  • Improve human rights impacts by providing employment in remote communities in the Peruvian jungle.
  • Enhance our relationships with positive stakeholders to ensure jobs and exports are created, and that all contacts support our livelihood for all.


Here is a clear example of how our socially responsible partnership in Peru changes lives. A few weeks ago, our supplier was contacted by the president of the Native Communities Chamber of Commerce, and he described that there was a native community near a jungle city with a large number of Camú Camú fruit crops. The fruit was rotting on the trees because the community had no markets to sell the fruit. Their buyer went to visit the community and tested the fruit for pesticides and other chemicals, and upon establishing that no chemicals were found, they started buying around $3,000.00 per week of Camú Camú fruit from this native community. The positive impact of this partnership have been immediate. And this is just one example of many.