Nano Hemp Skin Serum 150mg

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A concentrated skin elixir formulated to support healing and infuse the skin with an array of essential nutrients.

Cold-pressed,omega-rich plant oil such as argan, hemp and rosehip nourish and restore hydration while full spectrum, nanotized hemp CBD activates endocannabinoid receptors to stimulate repair and soothe irritation.

A must in your daily skincare routine for an even, healthy glow.

How to use: 

For general use: apply 3–10 drops to slightly damp skin directly after cleansing and toning morning and night. Massage and/or press gently into skin and allow to absorb for 1–3 minutes before applying additional moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. 

Can also be infused into body or facial massage oil, or massaged directly onto troubled areas of heightened inflammation.

The vital role of oils

Have you avoided using facial oils in the past in an effort to prevent breakouts? This may be having the opposite effect. Oils are actually a vital aspect of how the skin functions, repairs, and maintains proper hydration levels. Oils help create an important lipid barrier on the surface of the skin which protects the skin and prevents moisture loss. In fact, stripping natural oils from the skin is not only dehydrating, it can also trigger heightened sebaceous (oil gland) activity as the skin attempts to re-balance, leading to more clogged pores, acne breakouts, and inflammation. Using the right kinds of plant oils can lead to healthier, clearer, and more youthful looking skin. 

More purpose, less fluff

Traditional moisturizers are most often water and oil emulsions, containing various emulsifying agents, fillers, and preservatives, with the more active ingredients making up a smaller percentage of the formula. In contrast, our facial oil is completely undiluted, containing 100% beneficial ingredients for your skin with absolutely no additives. This is pure nutrient-dense food for your skin. 

Skincare so clean you could actually eat it 

What we apply to our skin absorbs into our body, which is why this serum contains only the best quality, certified organic, all-natural plant ingredients. Each ingredient is included for a very specific reason, one that involves a direct benefit to the health of your skin, and your body as a whole. Our products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. All of our carrier oils, extracts, and essential oils are either cold-pressed, Co2 extracted, or steam distilled - no chemicals or solvents used, ever. Our products are made in small batches in the USA with love.

Size: 1 fluid oz (30 ml)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Hemp Seed Oil°, Jojoba Oil°, Rosehip Seed Oil°, Argan Oil°, Full Spectrum CBD Oil°, Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil°, Frankincense Oil°, Geranium Oil°, Myrrh Oil°, Rosemary Extract°

°Certified Organic

What is Nano?

The term "nano" refers to a specific particle size — a very, very small particle to be precise. We’ve taken our certified organic CBD extract and reduced its particle size so it’s even easier for the body to absorb.

This means quicker results and more bioavailable CBD exactly when you need it!

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