Top 5 Travel Essentials for a Happy Immune System and Belly

The next month of July marks the real kick off of summer vacation season, which means many of us will be taking some time to decompress, chill, have fun and travel. While traveling is something many of us love experiencing (or maybe can't even live without!), it can also take a bit of a toll on the immune system (hello foreign germs!) as well as our digestion (hello jet lag!). But we've got your back! 

Here are 5 travel essentials you'll want to include in your luggage on your next trip for strong immunity and smooth digestion. 


#2: Probiotics

Probiotics form the basis of both our immunity and our ability to properly digest food and absorb nutrients. On vacation we often eat differently, are on a different schedule, and are exposed to different kinds of pathogens than what our bodies my be used to, making probiotics an incredibly important thing to travel with. Try our Sunbiotics Chewable Vanilla Tablets for a really easy and tasty way to get in a solid dose, and for an added boost don't forget our Sunbiotics Probiotic - Enhanced Sprouted Almonds and Probiotic-Enhanced Raw Chocolate Bars. We highly recommend the Pure Peppermint flavor. Your tummy and taste buds will thank you, we promise. 

#2: Blue Green Algae

Not only is blue green algae loaded with basically every known nutrient that your body needs to thrive, it is also highly detoxifying. Whether it's the increased exposure to pollutants from airplane or car exhaust, or just eating out and indulging a little more than usual, taking a high quality algae supplement like our Amazing Algae by Veggimins will help give your body a little boost of both nutrition and detoxification. 

#3: Magnesium Citrate

Magnesium will not only help keep you feeling calm during the hustle and bustle of travel, it also serves an incredibly valuable service to the digestive system. Magnesium helps ensure regular elimination, something that can get tossed to the wayside during long trips, especially if a change of time zone is involved. Take a solid dose of magnesium citrate before you go to sleep to encourage elimination upon waking. Because let's get real, no one likes to be constipated, especially during vacation. 

#4: Medicinal Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms act as apaptogens within the body, supporting all systems and organs as a whole. Special polysaccharides known as beta glucans within medicinal mushrooms like reishi and cordyceps are immune-activating. Medicinal mushrooms can be taken throughout a vacation to keep the immune system in robust shape. It's important to note that these are not a quick fix and work best if taken over time, so if you're planning to travel start taking them now!

#5: Pure Oregano Oil 

Oregano oil is an incredibly potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and antioxidant, making it a great tincture to have with you for a quick immune booster. If you've ever found yourself coming down with a sore throat or cold symptoms after flying it's likely due to the recycled air which can unfortunately spread airborn pathogens very easily. Give yourself a little dose of oregano oil before and after a flight to help your body cope.  

Wishing you the most amazing summer filled with travel, adventure, robust immunity and amazing digestion!