Raw Key Lime Breakfast Parfaits (Nut-free!)

We're well into the first week of October, meaning smoothie season is officially OVER, which left us wondering, what the heck are we going to make for breakfast?! While piping hot bowls of oatmeal definitely hit the spot some days, other days call for something a little more fruity while still being substantial enough to fill up that tummy and keep the metabolism burning even on the chilliest of fall mornings. This recipe did the trick.

We took one of our favorite desserts ever - Key Lime Pie - and turned it into a breakfast parfait! And if you tend to avoid raw parfait recipes due to their usual heavy use of nuts like cashews, you'll love this recipe as it actually utilizes our favorite creamy fruit - avocado - along with a drizzle of stone ground coconut butter - for a truly decadent and pudding-like parfait cream that's easy on digesion. We also tossed in just a dash of superfood algae powder to make that green color pop and also imbue a solid dose of vitamins and minerals. If you love the tangy-sweet, citrusy flavor combo found in traditional Key Lime Pie you will love this recipe. And to answer the question you're inevitably thinking: nope - it doesn't taste like guacamole! All that lime and vanilla masks the flavor of the avo leaving you with creamy key lime bliss. 

The Recipe

Key Lime Parfait Cream


2 ripe hass avocados

2 Tbs Dastony Stone Ground Coconut Butter

3 Tbs lime juice 

3-4 Tbs maple syrup, adjust to suite you taste

1 tsp vanilla extract

1.5 packed tsp lime zest

Superfood boost: 1/4 tsp Amazing Algae by Veggimins

1/2 cup water for blending

Layering: fresh fruits like berries, citrus, or pineapple work well + your favorite granola (we used Purely Elizabeth which is amazing!)


1. Blend your ingredients until smooth. You can adjust the amount of water used based on what consistency you'd like - thicker like key lime pie, or more saucy like yogurt. Enjoy!