Building Bones The Plant Based Way + Veggimins Coupon Code!


We all know that calcium is a critical mineral when it comes to stengthening our bones in all stages of life, and preventing bone loss as we age. However, many are still under the unfortunate impression that eating animal products, such as dairy, is still the best way to meet their RDA. We say unfortunate, because while dairy products do contain calcium, they can have an acidifying effect once ingested. This is a problem in terms of building strong bones, because in an effort to maintain a pH balance, the body buffers the acidity by drawing alkalinizing minerals directly from where they are most plentiful...our bones and teeth. 

So what do we do? Look to the plant kingdom for answers! 

Plant-based sources of calcium have an alkilinizing effect on the body - meaning they give minerals without taking them away. They also contain complimentary nutrients that also aid in the formation of strong bones, such as Vitamin K, magnesium, boron, and silica. You can find high levels of alkalinizing calcium in a variety of plant foods, many of which are green (it is no coincidence that the grazers of the planet have the largest, strongest bones...). You can also find 2 amazing superfood algae-based bone builders in our new range of Veggimins supplements! 

Calcium Care

Our Calcium Care is 100% food-based, highly bio-accessible calcium derived from pure, wildcrafted algae harvested from pristine waters in a South American eco-marine park.

Health benefits

* Prevent or overcome bone loss 

* Strengthen teeth

* Improve PMS and cramping

* Alkalinizing form of calcium (unlike dairy which is acidifying)

Amazing Algae

Our Amazing Algae is a synergistic blend of organic spirulina, chlorella, and blue green algae for a triage of potent superfood nutrition and detoxification.

Health benefits:

* Nature's perfect multivitamin - rich with a balanced array of vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients

* Daily detoxification 

* Complete plant-based protein (algae is up to 60% protein by weight)

* Glowing skin

Want more? Here are 23 additional sources of plant-based calcium! 

1. Kale 

2. Collard Greens

3. Chia Seeds

4. Hemp Seeds

5. Turnip Greens 

6. Tempeh (always choose organic soy products to avoid GMO contamination!)

7. Tahini

8 . Almond butter 

9.  Great northern beans

10. Edamame Soybeans (always choose organic soy products to avoid GMO contamination!)

11. Broccoli

12. Raw fennel

13. Blackberries

14. Black Currants

15. Oranges

16. Dried apricots

17. Figs

18. Dates

19. Artichoke

20. Adzuki beans

21. Navy beans

22. Amaranth

23. Blackstrap Molasses 

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