2018 Farm Bill Update: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

2018 Farm Bill Update: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

It's been a great week for hemp supporters!

The 2018 Farm Bill was voted on by the US Senate Tuesday, Dec 11th and it passed by a landslide. Next stop: President Trump's desk for the official signature.

This was a huge victory for all stakeholders within the CBD industry, as well as for consumers currently using and benefiting from CBD's therapeutic properties. So, what does the passing of the Farm Bill actually mean for hemp lovers and growers across the nation? It officially legalizes the cultivation and production of industrial hemp on a federal level. It also provided much-needed clarification between hemp and marijuana. While both plants are from the plant Cannabis Sativa L, new language in the Farm Bill clearly defines hemp extract as having less than .3% THC, while anything above .3% THC would be classified as marijuana. It also removes hemp derived CBD from Schedule 1 controlled substance classification, something that has cast a stifling shadow of confusion over the industry since December 2016 when the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and US Department of Justice quietly added hemp CBD to the list. But that all ends this month, giving a massive amount of opportunity, freedom, and leverage to farmers and producers across the nation to grow alongside an industry poised for big things in the years to come. Just how big? Forbes recently published that the CBD industry is predicted to become a billion dollar industry by 2020, and the passing of the Farm Bill will definitely play a major role in its success.

2018 Farm Bill Update: Hemp Hemp Hooray!

The Rise of Organics 

At Veggimins we are not only proud to offer the purest and highest quality hemp CBD products, but we are also proud to be pioneers in the organic hemp CBD industry. Did you know? US sales of certified organic foods and products reached $50 billion in 2017. That accounts for roughly 5% of all grocery store sales and 10% of all produce sales. The demand for organics is huge and it's growing every single year. 

The organic industry is unique in that it spans many different categories of products - not only fresh produce but also packaged foods, personal care, and even apparel. Consumer demand for organic options is also on the rise within the supplement industry, where hemp CBD is making waves. Why is this exciting? Up until (very) recently CBD wasn't recognized by the USDA as a certifiable organic ingredient. Until now. 

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill farmers now have the opportunity to grow a raw material in high demand, with exceptional growth potential, and also do it organically. If there is enough demand for organic hemp within this industry, you'd best believe that demand will be met. Organic growing practices are incredibly important because they prohibit the use of substances that are harmful to our health, other life forms, and the ecosystem as a whole. A few of the most important things prohibited by USDA organic growing standards are genetically modified organisms (GMOs), synthetic pesticides and herbicides, and fertilizers made with treated sewage sludge (also known as “biosolids”). The more organic farms we have in operation, the better, and safer, this planet will be. 

Veggimins: A leader in the organic hemp movement

This fall we were thrilled to bring to market three fully USDA Certified Organic Hemp CBD Extracts – an industry first. Find our 500 mg - Peppermint, 1000 mg - Lavender, and 2000 mg - Blood Orange extracts in our shop here. Our products are flavored only with organic plant extracts and essential oils – we never use artificial or “natural” flavors, and our products are always guaranteed to be 3rd party lab verified and free of additives. Our cold processed CO2 extraction process produces a full spectrum CBD extract that is rich with synergistic cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients naturally present in the hemp plant itself. Our extracts aren't just supplements, they're superfoods formulated to nourish your body on every level.

We hope you are as excited as we are!